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Chamber of Commerce/Visitor Center
55 N Main St
Buffalo, WY
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Buffalo, WY
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Experience the New West

Buffalo, Wyoming you'll find the laid-back charm of a true Western community. Buffalo is nestled at the base of the Big Horn Mountains. We sit at the crossroads of I-90 & I-25, and U.S. Hwy 16- the Cloud Peak Scenic Byway- is the preferred route to Yellowstone National Park. Buffalo is a fantastic place to visit, or to put down roots. The school system is second to none, there's always something in town to do- and everywhere you turn, there's the opportunity for all-season outdoor recreation. Buffalo - visit for the weekend, or stay for a lifetime!


Explore the Old West

historyWalk in the paths of pioneers, outlaws, gold miners, soldiers, and cowboys. Founded in 1879 on a buffalo trail that forded Clear Creek, Buffalo, Wyoming is as historic as it is progressive. Its rich history started in 1878, when Fort McKinney was established on the Clear Fork of the Powder River to help protect the historic Bozeman Trail and support and supply various U.S. Calvary campaigns.

With the Great Western Migration, Buffalo has seen its share of historic personalities roll through; Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, "Buffalo Bill" Cody, Tom Horn, Calamity Jane, and Teddy Roosevelt sought out a cozy bed and a strong drink in town. Author Owen Wister wrote what is considered to be the first Western novel, "The Virginian" while staying at Buffalo's historic Occidental Hotel. It's that history that's mixed with quaint shops, great restaurants and friendly folk that make Buffalo a place to spend some quality time.

Nearby, you can visit the site of old Fort Reno, drive through Crazy Woman Canyon, where the legend meets scenic nature, or dip your toes in the clear, crisp waters of Lake DeSmet. In Buffalo, you can amble through 12 miles of scenic trail along the Clear Creek Trail System, or stop by Mountain Plains Heritage Park, a unique crossroads of history and the American West.

History abounds in and around Buffalo. From here, you can visit Fort Phil Kearny Site & Visitor Center, stroll the grounds of the fort, learn about the Fetterman Battlefield and take an interpretive self-guided tour. The site of the Wagon Box Fight affords a scenic view of the Big Horn Mountains, along with details about the fight.

The Historic TA Ranch is south of Buffalo and is where the Johnson County Cattle War came to a dramatic conclusion. Under the shade of cottonwood trees, you'll still find the original bullet holes in the historic old barn where the last stand in the war took place.

At the Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum, you can learn about Buffalo and its place in the Western heritage; the Johnson County Cattle War, the Fetterman and Wagon Box Fights, the Bozeman Trail, and Bomber Mountain.






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