Winter Recreation

Resting at the base of the Bighorn Mountains means there’s never a dull season to be had. With winter comes snow, and with snow comes a paradise of groomed trails and exhilarating slopes. Whether you’re looking to harness the power of gravity, an engine or your own locomotion, the Bighorns are the place to be.

Skiing & Snowboarding

Hitting the slopes is a favorite pastime in this area, and people flock from all over to enjoy the incredible powder. The Bighorn Mountain Ski Area offers challenging runs, along with the hospitable Meadowlark Ski Lodge. Bring your own gear or rent equipment at the Lodge. Enjoy 14 different runs, ranging from beginner to intermediate and advanced. After an invigorating day on the slopes, cozy up to the fireplace and enjoy the Lodge’s restaurant and full service bar. With over 300 acres of ski area, and the Lodge’s ability to make snow if needed, there’s no better place for your winter getaway!


Meadowlark Ski Lodge: 307-366-2429
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With 132 miles of groomed trails, snowmobilers will enjoy endless acres of pure powder in one of the nicest snowmobiling areas of the world. The deep snow that blankets the rolling hills of the Bighorns creates a winter paradise for both novices and experts. The Bighorn National Forest features expansive forests and beautiful open meadows where riders can adventure for hours of uninterrupted snowmobiling. Don’t have your own machine? That’s okay! Snowmobiles can be rented on the mountain at the Ski Lodge. Guided snowmobile tours are also available in town from Ultimate Outdoors, providing a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.


Ultimate Outdoors
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Cross Country Skiing

The abundance of powder seen in the Bighorns makes it a wonderland for cross country skiers. Our very own Powder Pass Nordic Club works with the National Forest Service every year to ensure that miles of trails are groomed and maintained.  Pole Creek, Willow Park and Powder Pass #449 are some of the most popular areas, ranging from flat to steep, depending on your difficulty level. Travel along a windy path through meadows and forest or follow the backcountry through acres of trees, steep valleys and a few cleared spur roads. Whatever your experience level, the magnificent Bighorn Mountains make for an incredible experience.


Powder Pass Nordic Club
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