Hunting & Fishing


For the fisherman, Wyoming Game & Fish helps to keep a healthy population for baiting your hook. There are all different species of trout (Brown, Brook, Cutthroat, Rainbow, Lake and Golden) in addition to the other fish inhabiting our many reservoirs, streams and lakes (Tiger Muskie, Grayling, Yellow Perch, Largemouth Bass and more). From quick catch and release to expert fly fishing, there’s a little something for all ages and skill levels in the area.


For the huntsman, Johnson County has some of the most game-rich country in the West. Whether you’re looking to bring home venison from our white tail and mule deer, hunting antelope, or looking to land the big game from elk to moose, this is a prime location to get your area tags this hunting season. You can choose to go out on your own on public lands or with special permission from a landowner, or you could always hire a professional outfitter to help your chances. There are several in our area that pride themselves on successful hunts, for both archery and rifle enthusiasts.


Always stay up to date on current regulations before you go out for a hunt.