Doing Business in Buffalo, Wyoming

Since 1878, Buffalo has been a place to hang your hat, from the day its name was pulled out of one. Even today, it’s no surprise that settlers of old found this to be a great place to stay and make a name for themselves.
Demographics & Economics Profile
Buffalo is located at the base of the picturesque Big Horn Mountains. The town sits at the intersection of Interstate 25, Interstate 90 and Highway 16 which offers easy access to major cities in all directions.
Workforce and Training
Wyoming Workforce Development focuses on delivering comprehensive and effective services that build a workforce to meet the needs of Wyoming’s diverse businesses, citizens & economy.
Taxes and Incentives
Wyoming has been ranked No. 1 for business-friendly taxation, which gives businesses the upper-hand to success. Come see why living in Wyoming makes good business sense.
Maps - Buffalo Wyoming
The Buffalo Trails Board is a volunteer board that oversees the extensive trail system, maintenance and upkeep. The board is responsible for maintaining a master trails plan.