Chu Rýu Infused Martial Arts

238 N. Main St., Ste 2
Buffalo, WY 82834



We provide an infused system of Martial Arts called Chu Rýu. This style was created out of 3 other systems in order to give you the best possible safety and self-defense. Sholin Kempo, Won Jin Hapkido and Brazilian Ju-Juitsu were combined to create the Chu Rýu Martial Arts System. There is nothing like it on the face of the earth!

The Chu Rýu Martial Arts System is designed to protect 1) You, 2) Others in danger, and 3) Your attacker.

Chu Rýu Martial Arts is the home of the Peaceful Warrior- who practices the art of Fighting without Fighting.

Classes: Ages 5 to 8, 9 to 12, and Adults

Hours of Operation

Tuesdays & Thursdays