307-684-5544 , 55 N. Main Street , Buffalo, WY 82834 , 1-800-227-5122

Workforce and Training


Wyoming Workforce Development focuses on delivering comprehensive and effective services that build a workforce to meet the needs of Wyoming’s diverse businesses, citizens & economy.


  • Business Training & Outreach which promotes economic and educational opportunities for Wyoming’s diverse population such as apprentices, low-income parents, seniors and dads. There are also grants to help businesses upgrade skills for existing employees or for expanding your business.
  • Employment Services which administer a number of federally-funded programs for adults, veterans, dislocated workers, migrant workers & youth. They also offer a tax credit program to businesses who employ individuals that the Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program requirements.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation has the responsibility to advance employment opportunities for persons with disabilities

Labor Analysis

Radius of labor drawing area: 70 miles (could include Sheridan, Buffalo,
Kaycee, Gillette) Total Labor Force (July 1998): 4,608
Average Unemployment Rate: 3.0%



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