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Longmire Days

Welcome to the biggest event of Buffalo’s Summer Season! Thanks to local author, Craig Johnson, our little town has become a big hit on the TV show “Longmire”! His books, based on life in Buffalo, Johnson County and Wyoming, became a popular TV show, the highest rated on A&E ever, and is now being produced by Netflix.

For potential volunteers, the organizational meeting will be July 6, 2017. Please keep this in mind when booking your stay, if you are coming from out of town to volunteer. If you are interested in volunteering, please mail, email or fax in your Volunteer Form.

Longmire Days Volunteer Form

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Longmire Day E-Mailing List.

Looking for more fun things to do in the area while you are here? The 13th Annual Big Horn Mountain Festival is taking place at our Johnson County Fairgrounds! Buy half day, full day, or 3-day passes and enjoy some incredible music too!




(subject to change)


6:45 p.m. Longmire Days Rodeo, Johnson County Fair grounds, 18 Fairgrounds Rd., Buffalo: pre-rodeo entertainment by Fort Phil Kearny, rodeo action starts at 7 p.m.; tickets are $10 each, and children 12 and under are free; tickets can be purchased at the Chamber or at the gate. Concessions on-site and following the rodeo, dance to Tris Munsick & The Innocents. 

7 p.m. Big Horn Mountain Festival preview concert with opening act Prairie Wildflower; headliner will be Horseshoes & Hand Grenades at the Occidental Hotel, 10 N. Main St. Tickets are $10 each and are available at the Occidental front desk, or email 

9am-11am 5K Run/3K walk – Prosinski Park (registration required -
10am-1pm Autograph Session at Bomber Mountain Civic Center (ticket required) 10am-1pm Nataani Red Thunder – Native American Hoop Dancer at Crazy Woman Square 11am-3pm Poker School at Occidental Saloon (ticket required)
11am-2pm “What Was Ours” Wind River Reservation Documentary Screening & Panel at Cowboy Carousel Center
3pm-5pm Become a Best Seller, Craig Johnson & Penguin (Gail Hochman) at the Occidental Hotel

3pm-5pm A Conversation with (celebrities)...@ Buffalo High School (ticket required)
6pm Ruby Tea @ TA Guest Ranch
6pm Home Run Derby – Prosinski Park
7pm-9pm Cowboys vs Indians Softball Game– Prosinski Park

7pm Bob Barnes Pub Crawl - Registration begins at 7 p.m. at the Cowboy Carousel Center, 59 N. Lobban Ave.; pub crawl begins at 8 p.m.
9pm-10:30pm Occidental Jam with Actors/Wyoming Whiskey Auction

7am-10am Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast – Adams street, behind court house
9-10am Longmire Parade - Main Street
10am-1pm Autograph Session at Bomber Mountain Civic Center (ticket required)
10am-3pm Antique Car Show in Prosinski Park
10am-2pm Native American Performances @ Crazy Woman Square
11am-1pm Short Film and Discussion with Marcus Red Thunder @ Cowboy Carousel Center

2pm-5pm Longmire Fan Talent Show Auditions at Buffalo High School
2pm-6pm The Ferg's Motorcycle Poker Run (ticket required)
3pm Poker Tournament at Cowboy Carousel Center (registration required through CCC)

3pm-5pm “Spiritual Gangsta: The Search For Truth” with Bailey Chase (TBD)
3pm-5pm A Conversation with (celebrities)...@ Buffalo High School (ticket required)

4pm-8pm Inflatables & Face Painting for the kids near Crazy Woman Square
6pm-11pm Street Dance - downtown Main street/Crazy Woman Square

10am-2pm Horseback Ride at Paradise Ranch – includes lunch (ticket required)

10am-2pm Native American Performances in CWS
11am-1pm A Conversation with (celebrities) Occidental Hotel (ticket required)

2pm-3pm Talent Show at Buffalo High School 
3pm-5pm Book Talk/Autograph Session at Johnson County Library (ticket required)

4pm-9pm Closing Concert at Prosinski Park with Jason D Williams (ticket required). Chili provided by Chugwater Chili for the first 600 visitors to the Chugwater Chili booth at the closing concert. 

All registrations and ticket sales prior to the dates are handled online at

Longmire Days Talent Show Audition Form

Bob Barnes Pub Crawl Registration

Longmire on Netflix



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