307-684-5544 , 55 N. Main Street , Buffalo, WY 82834 , 1-800-227-5122

Events in Buffalo, Wyoming

    Monster March
    This is THE EVENT for trick-or-treaters in Johnson County. Buffalo and Johnson County merchants line Buffalo's historic main street, passing out goodies to more than 800 children a year.
    Christmas in Buffalo
    Christmas in Buffalo is a magical time! Our events include special sales, the Lighted Christmas Parade, the free chili and hot chocolate feed, as well as the Johnson County Care & Share Program.
    Small Business Expo
    The Small Business Expo, held each March in Buffalo, is an opportunity for local businesses to promote themselves. This is also a great chance to get connected within the community.
    Occidental Hotel Tours
    The Historic Occidental Hotel is now offering tours! Most Saturdays and Sundays at 3:30 and 5:00 $6 per person


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